Our Story

How we came to be...


Tragedy struck our family in October of 2016 when my sister, Mileah, and her daughter, Presley, were in a horrible car accident. Mileah suffered an extreme head injury, and after six days on life support went to her heavenly home. By the grace of God, her daughter escaped with just bumps and bruises. As you can imagine, our lives were forever changed.

Mileah was an aesthetician and I, a master barber. Together we shared the same passion to own a salon. Our once attainable goal to open a business was shattered along with my heart. We had begun our journey in the beauty industry together and we left it together. I never went back to work in the salon after her accident. Months went by and I began assisting my mom who is a broker in new construction real estate. I had previously done a little clerical work for her here and there, so it made sense. We wanted to be closer to help one another cope. My family and I moved to be near her.

Working with new construction gave us the opportunity to assist buyers as they designed their homes from the ground up. More and more often, they were interested in enhancing a room with custom pieces according to their unique personalities. Meanwhile, the desire to create was continuously stirring within me. Painting had become not only a resurrected hobby, but a therapeutic outlet to express my grief. Honing techniques and skills, it evolved into more than just a way to relieve stress.

I had always been inspired by my sister's love for refinishing furniture, and it came to me to take my work from the canvas to wood. The idea to create The Timber Craft was born!

It was encouraging to combine my mom's, my sister's and my own interests to shape a new future.  I began to design, paint furniture, and work with other talented artists in order to offer functional, yet funky, one of a kind pieces to any and everyone who wanted to make a statement in their space. It became a new goal for us to bring a client's Pinterest dreams to reality. This is us "branching out"!

So... plans change. This isn't the business I imagined I'd be in, but I know without a doubt that Mileah would've loved it as much as we do!

Morgan Chloe Clapper



Country Chic Paint Brand Ambassador


I am happily married to the love of my life, Chase. Together we have 4 beautiful children ~ Rylee 14, TK 14, Caitlyn 10, and Conrad 1.  We live on 7 acres in Murfreesboro, TN near my precious niece, Presley. Teaching Art Classes & creating whimsical painted furniture are my passion!

Pam Beverly


Mother to two daughters and (Nannimouse) to my five amazing grandchildren. Real Estate Broker for new construction.  Overseer of The Timber Crafts custom barn wood orders.